Staff Directory


Jamie Green  Principal
[email protected]
David Covington  Assistant Principal [email protected]
Adrian Cromwell  Assistant Principal [email protected]
Dr. Paige Galt  Assistant Principal [email protected]
Adam Lindsey  Athletic Director [email protected]
Damian Powell  Assistant Principal [email protected]
Nicholas Scheman  Assistant Principal [email protected]
Tonya Sanders
 HUB Director [email protected]
Natalie Smith  CTAE Program Coordinator [email protected]
Professional Support Team    
Antione Whelchel Graduation Specialist  [email protected]
Megan Vrono Graduation Specialist 
[email protected]
School Leadership Team    
Sarah Claussen Fine Arts Dept Chair [email protected]
Laura Elsarelli Science Dept Chair [email protected]
Ana Diaz World Language Dept Chair
Kendall Gruhn Special Education Dept Chair [email protected]
Kristen Rowland ESOL Dept Chair [email protected]
Chris Davis Health & Physical Edu Dept Chair [email protected]
Terra Smith English Dept Chair [email protected]
David McConnell Social Studies Dept Chair [email protected]
Joanne Stenger Math Dept Chair [email protected]
Wrap Around Support Team    
Dr. Ursula Harris Social Worker  [email protected]
 Jennifer Lively Social Worker  [email protected]
Carrie McGarity Student Supports Coordinator for International Students [email protected]
Sylvia Murillo
Parent Coordinator
[email protected]
Tonya Sanders HUB Director [email protected]
Wendy Savitz College and Career Counselor [email protected]
Office Personnel

Nydia Arriaga
Admin Assistant First Floor Office
[email protected]
Pat Cook
9th Grade Center Receptionist 
[email protected]
Lindsay Davis
[email protected]
Leslie Dorsey
Admin Assistant to the Principal
[email protected]
Mindy Ferran
Receptionist Main Office
[email protected]
Maria Guerrero
9th Grade Center Receptionist
[email protected]
Christy Pierce
Bookkeeper/Student Services 
[email protected]
Kendall Thompson
[email protected]
Leslie Velez Admin Assistant Third Floor Office
[email protected]
Nancy Wall Registrar [email protected]
LeeAnn Waller
Admin Assistant Hub [email protected]
Support Personnel

Zane Champion
SRO Supervisor
[email protected]
Brian Clark
SRO 9th Grade Center
[email protected]
Danny Adames SRO [email protected]
Bert Machado Security [email protected]
Roberto Rivera  GLA Lead [email protected]
Amy Johnson  Nurse [email protected]
Elizabeth Kimsey  Nurse Assistant [email protected]
Susan Wooten  Media Specialist [email protected]
Haydee Anderson  Media Clerk [email protected]

 Cafeteria Personnel    
Brandy Thomas   [email protected]
Amy Morrison   [email protected]
Natsue Brown   [email protected]
Patricia Contreras   [email protected]
Charity Doster   [email protected]
Maria Elias   [email protected]
Margarita Ibarra   [email protected]
Yasmira Medina   [email protected]
Sara Ortega   sara.o[email protected]
Mary Robinson   [email protected]
Joyce Hendrix   [email protected]
Betsy Escamilla Last Names S-Z [email protected]
Alan Griffin Last Names I-M [email protected]
Julie Wheeler Last Names N-R [email protected]
Rakia Marcus Last Names D-H [email protected]
Wendy Savitz College and Career Counselor  [email protected]
Wendy Teo Last Names A-C [email protected]
World Language Team    
Ken Basinger Latin [email protected]
Stacy Finelli French [email protected]
Anne Martinie
Spanish [email protected]
Ana Diaz Spanish [email protected]
Jose Sanchez Spanish [email protected]
Emily Webster Spanish [email protected]
Julia Zhu Chinese [email protected]
English Team    
Ed Benson [email protected]
Pharalynn Brown [email protected]
Chandler Castleberry [email protected]
Cortney Evans [email protected]
Deanna Farber
[email protected]
Kristi French [email protected]
Jenny Givens   [email protected]
Jarret Holland   [email protected] 
Sally Jackson   [email protected]
Naji Lyon   [email protected]
Lara Mallard   [email protected]
John Price
  [email protected]
Lara Moore   [email protected]
Jordan Plank   [email protected]
Terra Smith   [email protected]
Olayinka Taiwo   [email protected]
Amanda Toney-Velazquez   [email protected]
Social Studies Team    
Veronica Blayton   [email protected]
Cris Carpenter   [email protected]
Christi Conti   [email protected]
Richard Elsarelli   [email protected]
Richard Howard   [email protected]
Natalie Immings   [email protected]
Jared Koldoff   [email protected]
Kelsie Mayes   [email protected]
David McConnell   [email protected]
Cameron Millholland   [email protected]
Abigail Nelson
  [email protected]
Josh O'Hara   [email protected]
William Parr
  [email protected]
Sandy Rivera   [email protected]
Charlie Sea   [email protected]
Kristy Smith   [email protected]
Nancy Ware   [email protected]
Science Team    
Sandra Claxton   [email protected]
Philip Davis   [email protected]
Laura Elsarelli   [email protected]
Derrick Jones   [email protected]
Teresa Leach   [email protected]
Jason Macero
   [email protected]
Alejandra Quevedo   [email protected]
Pamela Quigley-Maurer   [email protected]
Melissa Schenfield   [email protected]
Haley Swift   [email protected]
Warren Collier
  [email protected]
Jenny Zschau   [email protected]
Math Team    
Odmir Aguiar
  [email protected]
Derobbias Brown   [email protected]
Kimberly Bowers   [email protected]
William Bryan   [email protected]
Jennifer Cantrell   [email protected]
Yoon Choi   [email protected]
James Coldren   [email protected]
Shelly Cornett   [email protected]
Katie Fox   [email protected]
Melissa Hill   [email protected]
Trailly Holland   [email protected]
Walter Jester   [email protected]
Chandra Karnati   [email protected]
Gail King   [email protected]
Kiara Nelson   [email protected]
Randall Roys   [email protected]
Joanne Stenger   [email protected]
Elie Viviant   [email protected]
Katy Wright   [email protected]
Physical Education Team    
Chris Davis   [email protected]
Bruce Figgins   [email protected]
Nicole Kraning   [email protected]
Lloyd Lunsford   [email protected]
Colin Locurto
  [email protected]
Adam Miller   [email protected]
Heath Webb   [email protected]
Taylor Williams   [email protected]
Drivers Education     
Wayne Vickery   [email protected]
Career & Technology Team    
Kateria Bogans Law and Public Safety [email protected]
Nathan Bourdeau JROTC  [email protected]
Katherine Deavers Healthcare Science  [email protected]
Ryan Casper Construction  [email protected]
Steven Cornett Work-Based Learning Coordinator  [email protected]
Lorissa Crumley Early Childhood Education  [email protected]
Katie B. Davis Audio-video Technology & Film [email protected]
James Dillin Marketing and Management  [email protected]
Dave Head Robotics  [email protected]
Dr. Jose Helena
Sports and Entertainment Marketing [email protected]
Emily Ingram Early Childhood Education [email protected]
Phyllis Mance Food Nutrition and Wellness  [email protected]
Jason Nierenhausen Healthcare Science  [email protected]
Randy Page Construction  [email protected]
Helen Perry Work-Based Learning Coordinator  [email protected]
Scott Thompson JROTC  [email protected]
Whitney Van Atta Entrepreneurship  [email protected]
Fine Arts Team    
Sarah Claussen Art [email protected]
Wendy Medrano Art [email protected]
Larry Miller Band [email protected]
Clay Sayre Art [email protected]
Pam Ware Drama [email protected]
Teresa Williams Chorus [email protected]

ESOL Team    
Charles Cook [email protected]
Kristin Rowland [email protected]
Kristina Sandi   [email protected]
Special Education     
Cedric Allen [email protected]
Tamia Allentini [email protected]
Shelly Black
[email protected]
John Corbett [email protected]
Stephen Gronsbell   [email protected]
Kendall Gruhn   [email protected]
Robert Horne [email protected]
Heather McConnell [email protected]
Brad Prestridge   [email protected]
Luther Price [email protected]
Joab Rico   [email protected]
Godfrey Sijiye [email protected]
Sam Wallace [email protected]
Allison Worley
[email protected]
Vijayalaxmi Bhonagiri   [email protected]
Brooke Brock   [email protected]
Cindy England   [email protected]
Tauris Hendrix   [email protected]
Matthew Jefferies   [email protected]
Nancy Jimenez   [email protected]
Cristie Langford   [email protected]
Farris Mance   [email protected]
Diana Mancilla   [email protected]
Leah Roach   [email protected]
Mildred Villeda   [email protected]
Niviea Williams   [email protected]
Marshall Wilson   [email protected]

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