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Fine Arts

At GHS, our Fine Arts program views every student as an emerging artist. The Arts are vital to the development of the whole child. The importance of the Arts is clear: while stimulating imagination and self-expression, the Arts hold a significant role in the development of critical thinking, responsible decision-making and cultural awareness. Students develop abilities and habits of mind that empower learning across curriculums. They will design, revise and reflect on their own work to solve aesthetic problems and analyze other's creative efforts. We strive to encourage the leader and artist in every child to help them comprehend and appreciate the importance of creativity in our global society.

Rigorous Fine Arts instruction produces self-motivated, adaptable, productive, lifelong learners, equipped for the challenges of the global workforce.


Larry Miller


Teresa Williams



Tyra Wimpye


Sarah Claussen, Dept.Chair

Clay Sayre

Wendy Medrano


The creative industries are a 29 billion dollar industry for Georgia’s economy, employing more than 200,000 artists, actors, dancers, musicians,and administrative staff.

Gainesville High School (GHS) is in year three participation with Georgia Department of Education’s Fine Arts Diploma Seal. The seal is awarded to graduating high school students who complete a Georgia Fine Arts Pathway and experiences that foster fine arts mastery. We hope to make this annual rite of passage, a meaningful opportunity and time to celebrate the successes of our young artists and performers.

The GHS Fine Arts Department is pleased to invite you to our annual presentation of Fine Arts Capstones in accordance with the Fine Arts Diploma Seal initiative by the Georgia Dept. of Education. Capstone presentations are implemented in the spring (April) of the senior year.

Requirements for the Diploma Seal:

4 Courses Completed in the Fine Arts (3 from a concentrated area)

10 Volunteer hours earned in an arts related opportunity

Min. of 2 extra-curricular activities in the art (performance or exhibition)

Presentation of a Fine Arts Capstone in April of Senior Year