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Academic Bowl

Sponsors: Walt Jester & Jasmine Taiwo

Dues: $20

Requirements: Participate in the practices and competitions

Meeting Times: Every Wednesday after school in Mr. Jester’s room (219). Competitions are on Mondays.


The mission of the AWARE Club is to help students excel academically in the classroom, behaviorally as a high school student, and overall as a minorities.  They look to help students better themselves through education, encourage & uplift one another, and build their identity – knowing who they are and, discovering their purpose in life.

The club's leadership is organized in an oligarchy format, where the decisions are made in a collective fashion.

Sponsors: Adrian Cromwell

Leadership Team: Joseline Nyabatoni, Camryn Banks, Abril Velasquez, Daniel Ortiz

Dues: $15.00

Meeting times are on Mondays 7:50 a.m in Room 327