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Rising 10th-12th Course Registration


  1. Students will receive registration forms on February 8th during the elective fair.

  2. The registration form is for students to make their elective choices for the 2022-2023 school year.

  3. Each student should indicate SEVEN (7) elective choices.

  4. Once students have made their elective choices using the registration form, they will be provided directions and should submit their elective requests in Infinite Campus. 

  5. Electives will be assigned on a space available basis so it is important to select/submit your requests in Infinite Campus.

  6. Students not making elective choices in Infinite Campus by the deadline will have their elective choices made for them.

  7. All courses are yearlong and registration is for the entire year. Students should carefully consider their elective choices, as changing your mind is not a valid reason for a change.

  8. Core academic recommendations (math, language arts, science, social studies) will be made for students but they will have a chance to request changes. 

  9. Students will receive course verification forms later in the semester once all course requests have been entered and will have an opportunity to verify all course selections (core & elective) for the upcoming school year.


When students receive their course verification forms, there will be a specified period during which they will have an opportunity to request course changes.  Changes are not guaranteed and will be granted based on course availability.  Schedule changes will not be considered after this point except for specific reasons such as those needed as a result of course failures or in cases where students already have credit for courses in which they are enrolled. 


Students should make sure to review their transcript in Infinite Campus, review their Individual Graduation Plan and consult with their respective counselor to ensure that their course selections satisfy the minimum requirements for graduation.  Counselors can provide students with information regarding their graduation status as well as options for making up classes in which they have been unsuccessful.