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Tips for Taking Your First AP Class

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What It Takes to Take AP:

Tips for Succeeding in an AP Class:

Why Take AP Classes:

Organizational Tips

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College Board’s  MYAP platform:

Organize your college course binder:


General Advice:

Study Tips and Organization:

Binder Organization:

Taking Notes

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Best Ways to Take Notes:


How to Take Cornell Notes:

How to Study Efficiently (The Cornell Notes Method):

Best, Fastest, Notetaking Method:

3 Note-Taking Methods:

Class Preparation and Organization (Lectures):

Time Management

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Time Management Tips:


Study Smart:

Top things to Stop Doing When you Wake Up:

Morning Routines:

General AP Study Tips

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How to Pass an AP Class:

How to Study for AP: Tips and Tricks:

Study Smart:

Khan Academy:

AP Study Tips:


Best Study Tips:

Study Cards:

How to Read College Level Texts:

General Test-Taking Tips 

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Tips to Prepare for AP Exams:

How to Prep for an AP Exam:

10 Study Tips to Help You Conquer AP Test:


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5 Rules for Acing Multiple Choice Tests:

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How to Learn Faster:

Test Anxiety: CrashCourse Study Skills:

Essay Writing

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Writing a strong AP Essay:

Writing an FRQ:

Khan Academy Free Response Tips:


Writing a DBQ:

Papers and Essays:

AP Exam


AP Exam Study Plan:

Five Step Study Plan:


AP Exam Study Routines:

AP Exam Study Routine:

Preparing for an AP Exam:

CollegeBoard Resources 

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AP Central:

AP Courses and Exams:

About AP:

AP at a Glance:

Benefits of AP:

AP Awards:


College Board Resource Library:


AP Youtube Channel:

College Board Resources:

Blogs, Forums, and Support Communities 

College Confidential:

Prep Scholar:

College Board Support:


The Hub at GHS

Content-Specific Resources


AP Art History

Khan Academy AP Art History:


AP Art Portfolio:

AP Art Portfolio Tips:



AP Language:

CrashCourse Media Literacy Playlist:

AP Language Tips:


AP Literature:

CrashCourse Literature Playlist:

AP Literature Tips:

History and Social Sciences


CrashCourse Economics Playlist:

AP Economics (Macroeconomics)

AP Macro:

Khan Academy AP Macroeconomics:

AP Economics (Microeconomics)

AP Micro:

Khan Academy AP Microeconomics:


AP Psych:

CrashCourse Literature Playlist:


CrashCourse Sociology Playlist:

AP World History

AP World Modern:

Khan Academy AP World History:

CrashCourse World History Playlist:

CrashCourse World History Part 2 Playlist:

US Government and Politics

AP Gov:

CrashCourse US Government and Politics Playlist:

AP US History


Khan Academy AP US History:

CrashCourse US History Playlist:

AP Human Geography

AP Human Geo:

Human Geo Playlist:

AP European History: 

AP Euro:

Euro Tips:

Math and Computer Science

AP Calculus AB

AP Calc:

Khan Academy AP Calculus AB:

AP Calculus BC

AP Calc:

Khan Academy AP Calculus BC:

Computer Science A and Principles 



CrashCourse Computer Science Playlist:


CrashCourse Engineering Playlist:

AP Statistics

AP Stats:

Khan Academy AP Statistics:

CrashCourse Statistics Playlist:


Anatomy and Physiology 

CrashCourse Human A & P:

Human Atlas:

AP Biology

AP Bio:

Khan Academy AP Biology:

Bozeman Science:

AP Chemistry

AP Chem:

Khan Academy AP Chemistry:

CrashCourse Chemistry Playlist:

AP Physics 

AP Physics:

Khan Academy AP Physics 1:

CrashCourse Physics Playlist:

AP Environmental Science


Major Themes:


History of Science Playlist:

World Language and Cultures

AP Spanish Language

AP Spanish:

Review the Basics:

Thank You 

A big thank you goes out to all the AP teachers who helped convert our tiered support system idea into reality for all our AP students.

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